Traveling With Senior Citizens –

Traveling With Senior Citizens –

Press releases are popping up everywhere in regards to what cities, towns and countries not to visit. With all the precautions you’re taking, you should be fine.  But what about an unexpected layover, or allowing 15 days to quarantine. There is Delay Travel insurance for that. What was shocking is all the types of insurance you can purchase.  Have you heard of Safari insurance? Perfect if you’re planning that well deserved animal sightseeing expedition. When traveling with someone with Alzheimer’s, plan ahead if possible. Traveling the path of least resistance is key to am uneventful experience.

What would bring you comfort during your travels in the car, plane or train? Stopping occasionally if possible. Bringing along favorite snacks and playing some favorite tunes, talking or complete silence. When traveling with someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s requires an optimistic attitude and knowing that you want peaceful times and no anxiety. Besides getting your prescriptions filled before traveling and staying hydrated, be as optimistic as possible.

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