Traveling This Winter? Add Travel Insurance That Covers Omicron To Your Trip – Travel Off Path

Traveling This Winter? Add Travel Insurance That Covers Omicron To Your Trip – Travel Off Path

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This winter, travel is expected to peak at numbers not seen since before the pandemic. Over 100 million passengers are expected to travel over Christmas and New Year’s in the U.S. alone. That means likely a lot of travelers are out of practice on what they might need for their trip, including attestation forms, possible tests depending on the country they are flying to, and most importantly, travel health insurance.

Travel insurance is something every traveler should have, whether there is a global pandemic or not, but especially during times like these when travel can become seriously interrupted due to the virus.

Every passenger should ensure they have coverage that includes medical care if they contract the virus while abroad, accommodation coverage in the case they are required to quarantine, and trip interruption insurance should they become sick before the trip even starts.

As travel writers, we’ve seen our fair share of insurance products and providers, but there is one in particular that stands out from others, HeyMondo. It’s the same travel health insurance we’ve been using throughout the pandemic when this job takes us abroad and we want to have enough coverage.

Here’s what HeyMondo specifically covers, and why it’s a great travel health insurance to cover your trip, especially in regards to Covid and Omicron in particular.

Medical Expenses:

Medical expenses, like hospital stays and prescribed treatments, are covered if you are infected with Covid-19 while abroad. This takes a lot of the fear out of being abroad when you know you’re covered in the event you test positive and need medical care. If you are traveling to a country where the Omicron variant is prevalent, this will give you some peace of mind.

PCR Test Coverage:

If a doctor medically prescribes you need a PCR test, this insurance will cover the costs of those expensive tests, which can easily be $100-$300 apiece.

Accommodation Costs Due to Quarantine:

One of the biggest fears of travelers is, “What if I get covid abroad and have to quarantine for 10-14 days? Who will pay for the accommodation costs?”

HeyMondo has a ‘Lodging expenses due to convalescence’ clause which provides accommodation coverage in the case that you test positive and are being ordered by a doctor to quarantine. The coverage will provide accommodation costs up to $2,250 USD.

Cancellation Insurance:

In the event that you contract the virus before leaving for your trip, there is cancellation insurance available on every policy that will reimburse you for any pre-paid and non-refundable elements of your trip, like flights and hotels. This includes you personally contracting the virus, or a close family member getting sick before your trip starts. Many of our readers are located in the U.S. which is currently seeing a surge in Omicron, so having cancellation coverage in the case of infection before the trip is a prudent idea.

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