Travel Predictions: What To Expect When Traveling In 2023 – Forbes

Travel Predictions: What To Expect When Traveling In 2023 – Forbes

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2022 was a wild year in travel. From thousands of flight delays and cancellations due to what many deemed last summer “the global lost luggage crisis,” the travel industry’s post-Covid recovery wasn’t without some serious bumps along the way.

But armed with Air Tags and a bad case of wanderlust, many Americans are itching for travel to get back to normal. Here’s what we think that may look like—these are our best travel predictions for 2023.

The New Normal Is the ‘No-Normal’ When it Comes to Travel

According to a study by Expedia, and VRBO, 2023 is the year of no-normal travel, a year of travel “like no other.” After spending time post-pandemic traveling to see friends and family or exploring the great outdoors, 2023 is about travelers doing the unexpected—whatever the heck they want.

Although some travel trends are emerging (which we’ll elaborate more on below), when it comes to travel, people are doing whatever it is they truly feel like doing, whether that’s digital nomading, off-the-grid travel, wellness breaks, a focus on culture or taking that bucket list dream trip.

What does this mean for your travel plans? The world is giving you permission to do whatever your heart desires when it comes to travel—so do it (if you can afford it, which brings us to our next point).

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Travel Costs Are on the Rise

Thanks to rising fuel costs, labor shortages and inflation, the cost of travel (like the cost of pretty much everything else) will be higher in 2023. But this doesn’t mean you need to become a budget backpacker to travel.

It’s all about savvy travel: knowing how and where to save and splurge. The concept of Champagne on a beer budget definitely applies as prices rise, and travelers should be on the lookout for valuable deals, hacks to save and shortcuts (see our section on points, miles and rewards below).

Travel Grows Amid Industry Struggles To Cope With Demand

According to forecasting by Economist Intelligence, global tourism will rise by 30% in 2023. However, airlines and hotels, still struggling with labor shortages, may not be equipped to handle the increase. We suggest being ready for delays, cancellations, lost luggage, overbooking, and other frustrating travel issues throughout 2023, especially if you’re traveling at peak times.

Not checking luggage or traveling in the off-season are simple ways to avoid travel drama, which brings us to our next trend.

The Off-Season May Not Be “Off” Much Longer

The off-season is the new peak season (or is it?)

Off-season, or off-peak travel, means avoiding peak travel times like Christmas, Thanksgiving and summer and instead traveling during winter, late fall or early spring.

Different destinations have distinct peak times: summer in most of Europe is the peak season, while the peak season in the Caribbean is winter. Typically, travelers can save money and beat the crowds by traveling in the off-season. But, …….