The Best Watch Travel Cases for Traveling with Timepieces – Yahoo Lifestyle

The Best Watch Travel Cases for Traveling with Timepieces – Yahoo Lifestyle

Some people adhere to the idea of a one-watch collection; they just need a single timepiece to get them through any situation. Us? Not so much. If you’re the type who likes to have a steady rotation of timepieces, you likely have somewhere you store them when you’re at home, whether that’s on a valet tray by the door or a watch box in your closet. But what about when you’re on the go? If you’re going to travel with a few different men’s watches, it’s important to have cases that are protective, but not so bulky you have to decide between your watches and your toiletry kit. That’s why we’ve picked out the best travel watch cases for your next trip.

There are quite a few different watch travel cases, and the style you choose will depend on how many watches you want to bring, what kinds of watches you have, and how much protection you need. One popular style is a watch roll, which can actually refer to a couple of different kinds of cases. Some watch rolls are hardshell cases with a watch pillow to keep the shape of the watch. There are also watch rolls that are made from soft, flexible canvas. The latter is convenient and easy to store, but less protective. Because you also have to fold your watches, soft watch rolls may not be ideal for stainless steel watches that don’t lay flat. You can also get zippered boxes and cases in different sizes and shapes.

Whether you just want to carry one extra timepiece or you’re going to tote around the whole collection, these travel watch cases will see you through your travels. Of course, these also make great gifts for the watch lover in your life. Here are some of the best options to buy.

1. Royce New York Suede Lined Travel Watch Roll

This watch roll from Royce is made from full-grain leather with a soft suede lining to protect your watches from scuffs and scratches. The inside of the structured case has a removable pillow that can hold up to three watches. The front of the watch roll secures using a magnetic clasp for easy opening and closing. It comes at a premium price, but it’s a great option for a gift for dad.

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Buy: Royce Watch Roll $131.24 (orig. $174.99) 25% OFF

2. Mejuri Watch Case

If you’re all about accessorizing, you might have jewelry and watches that you like to travel with. This watch case lets you store one watch and two slots that can be used for storing rings, bracelets, necklaces and whatever else you want to take. The case is wrapped in grain leather and has a single zipper for opening and closing.

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Buy: Mejuri Watch Box $75.00

3. Cheopz Travel Watch Case

Take the money you’d otherwise spend on a case and put that toward a new watch instead. This cheap case costs $16 and it has …….