Mayhem and mischief: How tourists behaved badly in 2022 – CNN

Mayhem and mischief: How tourists behaved badly in 2022 – CNN

(CNN) — In 2022, the world started traveling again — and with that came the return of all the usual misbehavior and antics abroad. But with nerves perhaps frayed by a record year for airline cancellations, delays, lost luggage and inflated prices, misconduct was a particularly strong theme. Here are the standout moments from a year of travelers behaving badly.

‘Did you pack your bag yourself?’

Sharp items and weaponry are, as everyone knows, huge no-nos when it comes to carry-on bags at the airport.

A family of American tourists also caused havoc at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport in April after trying to transport an unexploded shell through security. Airport staff announced an evacuation and video circulated on social media showed people panicking and running for cover. Popping a whole uncooked chicken in your carry-on is guaranteed to raise suspicions with the US Transport Security Administration, but even more so if you hide a gun inside it, as one man did in Florida. And at least that poultry-clad firearm was discovered: An investigation was launched in June after an Atlanta passenger cleared security with a bag that may have contained a gun. Live animals were also part of the circus of mayhem in 2022: Porcupines, armadillos, turtles, lizards and snakes were among the 109 live creatures discovered by X-ray in two pieces of luggage at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

A dog is seen in a backpack through the X-ray at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin.


Two women were arrested and charged with smuggling in that incident, but on other occasions the intentions weren’t criminal. A live dog was accidentally sent through the X-ray machine at an airport in Wisconsin in December, just weeks after a cat was found trapped inside a suitcase at New York’s JFK Airport. It appeared to have crept inside when the suitcase’s owner wasn’t looking. And at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio in September, a human was the unexpected item hiding among the luggage. A man was arrested after climbing through the airport baggage carousel into a restricted area.

‘For your safety and comfort, please remain seated’

In January in Honduras, a man was reported to have damaged the inside of a cockpit in a Miami-bound American Airlines plane then tried to jump out of a window — all while the aircraft was still at the gate. NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. was another passenger who was kicked off a flight before takeoff: He was removed from a Los Angeles-bound American Airlines flight at Miami International Airport in November after refusing to comply with safety protocol, according to a police statement. And in September, a Southwest Airlines pilot in Houston threatened to cancel takeoff after a passenger AirDropped a nude photo to other fliers. Video obtained by TMZ Sports appears to show boxing legend Mike Tyson hitting another passenger in the seat behind him while aboard a JetBlue plane in San Francisco.Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was the most high-profile traveler to be involved in a physical altercation with another passenger this year, …….