Gaming through your holiday travels: a guide – Destructoid

Gaming through your holiday travels: a guide – Destructoid

Buckle in, folks

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of an anxious flyer. There’s something about being on a plane that makes it impossible for me to get comfortable. I think it might have to do with being in such close proximity to strangers, especially right now. That can make it a bit difficult to get through the five-hour flight I’ve had to take to get home the past few years since I moved to the West Coast. Thankfully, gaming has been the one thing that seems to help during my holiday travels.

Of all the things I’ve tried to bring onto a plane to keep me busy, games seem to be the only thing I can have with me that helps me relax a little. I think it’s because games are such an active activity, I usually get so involved with what I’m playing that I completely forget I’m on a plane at all.

So, in an attempt to help any other travelers who get a bit nervous during their journey, here’s my guide to the types of games to play when you’re traveling. Oh, and I travel with my Nintendo Switch, so you’re going to need one of those if you want to follow along.


Alright so you’re gonna wanna go ahead and start with your favorite simulator game. I find these are great for the ride to the airport, waiting in line for TSA, waiting at the gate, and waiting for takeoff once you’ve boarded. They’re obviously some of the most relaxing games you can play, which is going to help you deal with all the stress of getting through the airport. 

Animal Crossing is a great one as you can use this time to get all your daily chores done, but Stardew Valley is also a solid go-to for me here because it divides up time into nice, digestible chunks. You need to wait an hour? Nah, that’s only four days in Stardew time. Plus, the slow-paced nature of this game means that you can easily look up from your console as needed without risk of dying or loss of progress.

Other good simulator games to try are My Time at Portia, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, Spiritfarer, and Farming Simulator.


If you’re someone who needs a little more action in your life, turn-based games are a great way to go. Like simulators, they’re easy to have going when you’re multitasking, because they kind of pause themselves every few seconds while waiting for you to do your button input, whether it’s making your turn or simply pressing A to progress the dialogue. These are great for any of the lead up to your trip, plus the first half of your flight when you’re waiting to be interrupted by the drink cart. </…….