Despite COVID-19 surge, many still traveling for holidays – Spectrum News NY1

Despite COVID-19 surge, many still traveling for holidays – Spectrum News NY1

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays. 

That’s especially true this holiday season for families who could not be with their loved ones last year.  

“Oh, the kids get to see all their cousins. They get to see their Nana and Grandpa. So it’s going to be really great,” said Jennifer Mondido, who was traveling with her family on Friday to Ohio.

Zach Sitkin was traveling to Florida.

“I think this might be our first time on a plane in two years,” said Sitkin, who was waiting to catch a flight at LaGuardia Airport. “So that’s a big deal.”

Due to the omicron variant, some travelers are putting a lot more thought into whether they should travel at all right now.

The Centers for Disese Control and Prevention recommends only those who are fully vaccinated travel. Those who are not vaccinated and need or want to travel, the CDC recommends getting a COVID-19 test before and after their flight .

“I’m done. I’m done. I have to live my life. That’s all,” said Dana Cohen who was traveling to Florida. “We take our precautions. I’m triple vaxxed.”

Jennifer Mondido said she is also vaccinated. After weighing all the factors, she decided to stick with her travel plans.

“This time period is all about family, but we’re also trying to be very safe,” said Mondido. “A lot of those things come into play in making those decisions.”

Travelers said holiday gatherings this year feel even more special. 

“You know, you spend so much time away from people. It’s really good to reconnect and reunite with family,” said Sitkin.